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IHCC 2nd International Cohorts Summit (ICS2)

April 2019

Reykjavik, Iceland


The 2nd International Cohorts Summit has concluded. A huge thanks to our sponsors, planning committee, speakers, and attendees for making this a successful event!

About the Event

IHCC convened the second International Cohorts Summit in Reykjavik, Iceland April 2019 with the intent of developing the scientific agenda to drive the research and collaboration between cohorts and present team activities and progress on goals that were established as the result of the first International Cohorts Summit held in March 2018.

Summit Materials

Meeting Objectives

The primary objectives of this meeting were to:

  • Identify scientifically meritorious cross-cohort research projects and identify international collaborators willing to organize and participate in them
  • Develop an IHCC scientific agenda to bring forward to funding bodies

The International Cohorts Summit was conceived by the Heads of International Research Organizations (HIROs) chaired by Jeremy Farrar of the Wellcome Trust, with an inaugural summit held in March 2018 in Durham, North Carolina, USA, organized by the Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative (G2MC), with the goal of enabling leaders of large-scale longitudinal cohorts worldwide to share best practices, discuss data sharing, explore standards, discuss common challenges, and explore the potential for a large(r) collaborative sequencing strategy. From that Summit, the International HundredK+ Cohorts Consortium (IHCC) was formed, with teams assembled to address the actions identified in this Summit.