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IHCC 3rd International Cohorts Summit (ICS3)

May 4 - 5, 2020

Virtual Meeting


The 3rd International Cohorts (Virtual) Summit has concluded. A huge thanks to our sponsors, planning committee, speakers, and attendees for making this a successful event! Conference materials are posted below.

About the Event

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, IHCC made the decision to hold the Third International Cohorts Summit as an abbreviated virtual meeting with a more focused agenda on current issues and opportunities for leveraging the potential of IHCC. Meeting objectives included:

  • Galvanizing the IHCC around a visionary charter and path forward.
  • Examining how IHCC can rapidly mobilize worldwide cohorts to address the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Introducing the IHCC to a cohorts atlas that can be used to stimulate/enable collaborations among cohorts.
  • Engaging the entirety of the IHCC membership in developing the key topics to chart a scientific agenda that can only be achieved by assembling cohorts and their data for a later date. 

The virtual conference was made possible by sponsors the National Institutes of Health and Wellcome Trust. The originally planned conference, scheduled to take place in Santiago, Chile, will likely be rescheduled for the later part of 2021.

Summit Materials

Previous Updates

  • Registration: All registrations have been canceled for those who signed up to attend the conference in Santiago.
  • Agenda: The virtual summit agenda is now available on the event registration website. The format will be a two-day meeting with 5-6 hours each day over a staggered timeframe so we can ensure widespread participation across time zones. The sessions will also be recorded.
  • Postponed In-person Component: Given the current uncertainties, we will hold off on making any decisions at this time for the future face-to-face meeting date. We do anticipate that the location will remain in Santiago, Chile, and local holidays and events will be taken into consideration when selecting a new date.

If you made and paid for your own hotel reservations at the Sheraton Santiago, please contact Angelina Soriano, and she will assist with the cancellation process. If you have booked travel arrangements, please contact your airline or travel agency first to determine current refund or exchange policies as related to the COVID-19 impacts. Any additional questions regarding logistics, please email Ida Konstantopoulos at and she will be able to assist.