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IHCC Atlas Virtual Workshop

Mark Your Calendars!

IHCC members and invited guests are invited to join us online for the IHCC Atlas Workshop. Two dates will be offered to accommodate different time zones (both sessions will have the same content): October 27 at 15:00 UTC with a second session to be determined for later this year (Time Zone Converter). The sessions will last approximately two hours. The program outline can be viewed below.

Registration for this event is free, but registration is required in order to receive the meeting login information.

About the Workshop

The IHCC Atlas Workshop aims to provide a comprehensive overview and hands-on experience of the IHCC Cohort Atlas Browser. Participants will understand how the IHCC Cohort Atlas Browser fits into the IHCC project strategy, the benefits for IHCC member cohorts to add their cohorts to the platform, and provide practical training on how to prepare cohort metadata (e.g. metadata harmonisation). 

We welcome any cohort with plans for prospective or retrospective metadata harmonisation, enthusiastic to share their experience and learn from IHCC’s perspective in the context of federated dataset discovery and analysis.

If you require instructions on how to submit cohort data into the Atlas, follow this link here.


Over the past forty years, vast cohorts of human participants have been assembled and phenotyped through research studies, public and private healthcare initiatives, and clinical trials. The International HundredK+ Cohorts Consortium (IHCC) is bringing large cohorts together to encourage data sharing, improve efficiencies and maximize benefits in addressing scientific questions none could answer alone. At the present time IHCC has identified over 70 large scale cohorts with over 100,000 participants consisting of longitudinal, environmental, and clinical data collected over decades.

There are several axes of cohort data discovery depending on the type and source of metadata collected by each cohort, e.g. disease status, data use, sample collection parameters, genotype, or complex phenotypes, and the harmonization of this data is of vital importance for its discoverability, sharing and re-use. Therefore, IHCC has developed the IHCC Cohort Atlas Browser, a searchable database that is used to standardize cohort data and make it widely accessible for data sharing and discovery.

Workshop Goals

The goals of the IHCC Atlas workshop are to provide attendees with:

  • An overview of the IHCC Cohort Atlas and how it can increase discovery, interoperability, and re-use of cohort data.
  • An introduction to the concepts and best practices for carrying out cohort metadata harmonisation.
  • An overview of the IHCC Cohort Atlas Browser and how it can be used for cohort discovery.
  • A hands-on demonstration of a cohort submission and data harmonization.

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