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IHCC Newsletter

June 2023

In this edition

  • Message from the Co-Chairs
  • IHCC 6th International Cohorts Summit (ICS6) – Planning Phase
  • IHCC Cohort Spotlight: PERSIAN Cohort Study
  • Educational Webinar Series
  • Funding Opportunities
  • IHCC Working Group Meeting Schedules – Join Us!

Message from the Co-Chairs

Dear IHCC Members,

Halfway through 2023, we wish to bring your attention to several new items that highlight the efforts of our IHCC members and workgroups.

First, one of the recommendations arising from ICS5 was to provide our members with information on potential funding sources for a few specific disease areas.  The Science Strategy and Cohort Enhancement Workgroup has compiled a list of several RFAs (Requests for Applications) that you can browse here.  Our intention is to update this list quarterly and communicate this information in these newsletters.  If you know of any local or regional funding opportunities in your institutions, please send them to us so we can share this good news.

Our IHCC Pilot Projects continue to publish important scientific findings.  For example, please take a look at this recent manuscript from the Covid-Mental Health Project:  

Choi, K.W., Lee, Y.H., Liu, Z. et al. Social support and depression during a global crisis. Nature Mental Health 1, 428–435 (2023). 

Two of IHCC’s working groups, 1) Policy & Systems,  and  2) Training & Workforce Development, have been elevated within the Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative (GGMC) organization to serve both consortia programs, IHCC and G2MC.  With common missions and objectives for both consortia, these new workgroups will provide our consortia and their members with valuable educational opportunities and global policy insights going forward.  One of the highlights of this cross-consortia consolidation is the newly-branded GGMC Monthly Educational Webinars that explore new methods for applying genomic approaches to both cohort science and clinical implementation.  

We are excited about the progress that IHCC has made this year. We are confident that with your continued support, we will continue to make a real difference in the field of collaborative cohort studies. 

Finally, we want to thank all our IHCC members for participating in our activities and who continue to provide valuable input to the IHCC surveys, workshops, webinars, newsletters, and meetings throughout the year.  You are the focus of these efforts as we endeavor to convene, connect, and catalyze successful scientific collaborations across IHCC.  We are truly grateful for your time and effort.  

As always we welcome your input and guidance – please reach out anytime.


Michele, Geoff, and Peter

IHCC 6th International Cohorts Summit (ICS6)


Planning Phase

We are in the process of selecting the location and dates for IHCC’s 6th International Cohorts Summit (ICS6) and we will share this information in the next 1-2 months. Thank you to all the cohort PIs who completed the ICS6 survey sharing their preferences for the location of the summit. We are reviewing all your responses and taking them into consideration as we finalize the location and dates.

If you would like to be a part of the planning committee for ICS6 please reach out to Chisom Nwaneri (

We look forward to seeing you in person at the next summit!

IHCC Cohort Spotlight


PERSIAN Cohort Study

In 2014, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education in Iran launched a multi-center cohort study, the PERSIAN (Prospective Epidemiological Research Studies in IrAN) Cohort Study. This study aims to assess the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Iran and identify associated risk factors in order to tailor effective preventative measures and implement health-related policies. Continue reading to learn more about the impactful work being done by this cohort.

GGMC Educational Webinar Series


Upcoming Webinar

We are excited to have Dr. Cindy Lawley as the speaker for the upcoming webinar on June 27, 2023, at 9:00 AM EST, 1:00 PM UTC, titled “Utility of Broad Scale Proteomics in Large Population Cohort Studies.” Click below to learn more and register for the webinar.

About the GGMC Educational Webinar Series

The Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative (GGMC) Educational Webinar Series, which was established and previously hosted by IHCC, has been expanded to include both consortiums within the GGMC organization – IHCC and G2MC. The series brings together leaders, educators, researchers, and professionals with all levels of expertise to share health sciences initiatives taking place in their respective fields and countries. Each month’s webinar will feature new guest speakers offering novel insights into their fields.

Funding Opportunities


The Science Strategy and Cohort Enhancement Workgroup has compiled a list of  RFAs (Requests for Applications) that you can browse below. We will update this list on a rolling basis and share it in this quarterly IHCC newsletter. If you know of any local or regional funding opportunities in your institutions, please send them to us so we can share them with the community.

IHCC Working Groups Meeting Schedule - Join Us!

Join a Working group! We need your unique perspective to achieve our goals.

As mentioned in the Message From the Co-Chairs, the Training and Workforce group and the Policy and Systems group are now core committees at the GGMC level. The active IHCC working groups are now:

Interested in joining a Working Group? Contact us at and we will connect you to the team.

IHCC is a program of GGMC, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) (tax-exempt in the U.S.) organization. Sponsorships and donations to help support our mission are greatly appreciated.


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