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G2MC 6th International Conference

September 29 - October 1, 2021

Virtual Meeting


The 6th G2MC International Conference has concluded. A huge thanks to our sponsors, organizing partners, planning committee, speakers, and attendees for making this a successful event! Conference materials will be posted soon.

About the Event

G2MC held its 6th G2MC International Conference as a virtual meeting due to ongoing travel and health guidance surrounding COVID-19. Leaders from across the globe tuned in to define collaborative projects and strategies for using genomic advances to improve clinical care globally, with a particular focus on low-resource settings.

Participants were given the opportunity to...

  • Listen to and engage with experts and leaders from across the globe in the field of genomic medicine.
  • Learn about and foster the research being done by Young Investigators, our future leaders in genomics implementation, as part of our Young Investigators Forum.
  • Learn about the latest updates from G2MC’s Working Groups and Flagship Projects, including how you can get involved.
  • Attend our new Seed Awards Competition where G2MC Working Group and Flagship Project teams will present proposals for potential funding of pilot projects.
  • Network and connect with researchers, educators, policymakers, healthcare professionals, and others in the field of genomic medicine from across the globe.
  • Discover opportunities to get involved with G2MC and promote the implementation of genomic medicine worldwide!

The conference included panel discussions, keynote addresses, presentations, young investigator posters and funding proposals, and sponsor booths.

Conference Materials

Conference Highlights and Stats

205 Attendees


45 Countries

56 Speakers 


23 Countries

13 Live Sessions 

with over

40 Presentations

Each session offered live closed captioning and translations in Spanish and Portuguese 

Each session offered live closed captioning and translations in Spanish and Portuguese 

Young Investigators Forum

We were excited to continue our tradition of hosting a Young Investigators Forum (YIF) as part of the conference to foster new talent in genomics implementation. Young Investigator abstract and proposal submissions were selected by our YIF Review Committee for platform presentations or poster presentations as part of the forum. 

The forum was a great success with intriguing presentations from Young Investigators from across the globe! You can view the G2MC 6th International Conference Young Investigators Abstract Proposals Booklet below.

Conference Organizing Committee

Planning Committee

Thank you to our conference Planning Committee who is dedicated to organizing and ensuring a meaningful and engaging experience for all involved in the 6th G2MC International Conference!

Planning Committee Co-Chairs

  • Bruce Korf (USA)
  • Gabriela Repetto (Chile)

Planning Committee Members

    • Ricardo Armisen (Chile)
    • Pilar Carvallo (Chile)
    • Geoff Ginsburg (USA)
    • Lovemore Gwanzura (Zimbabwe)
    • Hannah Kennel (USA)
    • Stefania Koutsilieri (Greece)
    • Rongling Li (USA)
    • Catalina Lopez-Correa (Colombia)
    • Gabriel Macedo (Brazil)
    • Gert Matthijs (Belgium)
    • Christina Mitropoulou (UK)
    • George P. Patrinos (Greece)
    • Teji Rakhra-Burris (USA)
    • Gad Rennert (Israel)
    • Alan Shuldiner (USA)
    • Meredith Towery (USA)
    • Ambroise Wonkam (Cape Town)
    • Grant Wood (USA)
    • Brittany Zick (USA)

Working Group and Flagship Project Leads

Working Group Leads

  • Education Working Group: Vajira H. W. Dissanayake (Sri Lanka), Bruce Korf (USA), Richard Haspel (USA)
  • Policy Working Group: Sue Hill (UK), Catalina Lopez-Correa (Colombia), Alexandra Pickard (UK)
  • Evidence Working Group: Fahd Al-Mulla (Kuwait), Marc Abramowicz (Switzerland)

Flagship Project Leads

  • Rare/Undiagnosed Diseases: Vajira H. W. Dissanayake (Sri Lanka), Alan Shuldiner (USA)
  • Family Health History: Theodora Katsila (Greece), Grant Wood (USA)
  • Pharmacogenomics: George Patrinos (Greece)

Young Investigators Subcommittee Co-Chairs

  • Stefania Koutsilieri (Greece)
  • Nirmala Sirisena (Sri Lanka)

About G2MC

G2MC is a not-for-profit organization based in the United States that was established in 2016 with the goal of bringing together the global community to enable the implementation of genomic medicine to improve individual and population health. Since its formation, G2MC has held international conferences approximately every 18 months to bring together leaders and experts in the field of genomic medicine from across the globe to explore and discuss advances in genomic medicine and brainstorm solutions to roadblocks. As an outcome of the 2018 International Conference in Capetown, South Africa, G2MC re-defined its mission to focus on low-resource settings – areas where the implementation of genomic medicine in healthcare could intensely improve the lives and health of individuals and communities.


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