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How We Work

Partners & Funders


The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH)

The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) was formed to help accelerate the potential of genomic medicine to advance human health.


GA4GH brings together over 1,000 individuals and over 400 leading institutions working in healthcare, research, disease advocacy, life science, and information technology. The GA4GH contributing members work together to create a common framework of harmonized approaches to enable the responsible, voluntary, and secure sharing of genomic and clinical data.

The Executive Director of GA4GH, Peter Goodhand, sits on the Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative (G2MC) Steering Committee.

The Golden Helix Foundation

The Golden Helix Foundation is an international non-profit research organization (registered London-based UK charity) aiming to advance research and education in the area of genome and personalized medicine.

The Golden Helix Foundation is involved in interdisciplinary research activities that span across the fields of Pharmacogenomics, Genome informatics and Public Health Genomics and coordinates the activities of the Genomic Medicine Alliance, a global academic research network with activities in the field of genomic medicine, focusing in particular on developing countries and low-resource environments. Lastly, the Golden Helix Foundation organizes the Golden Helix® Conferences (Golden Helix Symposia, Golden Helix Pharmacogenomics Days and Golden Helix Summer Schools), which are high profile international scientific conferences in the field of personalized medicine and through the Golden Helix Academy provides, in concert with established academic institutions, on-site training and e-learning modules related to Genomic Medicine topics.

The Golden Helix Foundation works closely with G2MC for the organization of the annual G2MC Conferences and further participates actively in related, to its mission, G2MC activities.

Australian Genomics Health Alliance

Australian Genomics coordinates, funds and conducts research through a national network of more than 80 partners and collaborators, including hospitals, universities, research institutes and centres, sequencing laboratories and community organisations across all states and territories. Their network comprises more than 400 people who play an important role in driving genomic health implementation and policy internationally.