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G2MC Education Working Group Refines Goals, Elicits Suggestions for Future Projects

In addition to completing a manuscript authored by members of the Education Working Group and recently published in the Journal of Personalized Medicine, the Education Working Group continues to meet regularly to identify how the collective expertise of the group can promote the sharing of genomic medicine educational resources globally, while supporting projects that align with the G2MC mission.  The latest initiatives of the group are outlined below. 

Participation in Upcoming G2MC Conference

The next G2MC International Conference is scheduled to take place during the September-October timeframe, 2023 (exact dates to be announced) in Geneva Switzerland. The Education Working Group is preparing to take part by:

  • Organizing a genomics education session that will incorporate elements such as best practices, pedagogy, and innovative curricula as it relates to genomic medicine. The group hopes to have at least one local speaker to help lead the session.
  • Supporting an immersion course that would be championed by a local individual or organization and would take place during the conference. The Education Working Group will help determine the interest of a local champion to organize and lead the course, with the Working Group providing input and developmental support.

Additionally, as the conference will be a hybrid (in-person and virtual) format, the Working Group is exploring best methods for incorporating virtual participation. 

Promoting Development and Sharing of Educational Resources

G2MC’s global reach and diverse audience creates a unique environment for developing educational resources.  As determined by the Education Working Group’s needs assessment survey, G2MC allows for access to students, trainees and healthcare providers across disciplines in a large number of countries. To date, there are few examples of education research that has taken place on an international scale. In that context, the Education Working Group has refined its focus to the following areas:

  • Cross-collaboration with other G2MC working groups and flagship projects. The Education Working Group will actively work with other G2MC working groups and flagship projects to identify education-related needs, provide input, create resources, and develop collaborative projects.
  • Assist with identifying, developing, and supporting projects brought forth by Education Working Group members or the broader G2MC community. The group will review working group or G2MC member project proposals that would benefit from G2MC involvement and identify opportunities to provide support for such projects.   

To assist in developing education-related projects, the Education Working Group has created an Education Project Proposal Form. This is a short form and there is no commitment associated with filling it out – the goal is to simply start a discussion on project feasibility. For questions or additional information, feel free to email to be put in touch with the Working Group co-chairs. 

Support of the Education Working Group is much appreciated and the group looks forward to advancing G2MC’s mission through the initiatives outlined above. 

Interested in joining the G2MC Education Working Group? Email us at and let us know. G2MC is committed to diversity, inclusion and equity, and welcomes participation of members from diverse backgrounds and demographics.


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