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G2MC Working Group Updates

Evidence Working Group

The Evidence Working Group has been working on an evidence review of the clinical utility of genomic medicine, an effort that was kick-started during the May 2020 G2MC International Conference Virtual Breakout Sessions. The group has been tailoring search terms and working with experts on best practices to ensure all relevant evidence is captured. Results and updates from the review process will be shared during the January 27 Evidence Working Group Breakout Session.

The next steps for the group are to engage with technology partners to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that will allow for better refined searches and automatic updates in the areas deemed significant from the systematic review. The group also plans to engage a Young Investigator on this project as well as several other areas specific to the group’s needs in the coming months.

Education Working Group

The Education Working Group is actively seeking and discussing project ideas from both within the WG and related to other WGs and Flagship Projects.  It is hoped that members will take leadership roles on projects with integration of the WG Young Investigators.  The group is also continuing the planning of the Genomic Medicine Immersion Course scheduled to take place as part of the 2021 G2MC International Conference in Santiago, Chile and is reviewing options for formatting and topics to include in the course.  These items will be discussed in further detail during the January 25 Education Working Group Breakout Session. 

Additionally, writing of the manuscript resulting from the Education Needs Assessment Survey is in process with plans to be completed and submitted for publication in the next few months. 

Policy Working Group

The Policy Working Group is exploring potential collaborations and initiatives for growing the online catalogue of global genomic medicine initiatives, a resource established in partnership with the Australian Genomics Health Alliance. The Genomics Policy Website that houses the catalogue and was recently managed by the Australian group, is now under G2MC ownership and the group will be seeking a G2MC member or Young Investigator interested in managing and updating this site moving forward. The group is also working towards the development of a roadmap for implementation of genomic medicine which will outline policy issues for consideration, and is also continuing to identify opportunities for supporting the G2MC Flagship Projects.

Additionally, in September 2020 an article authored by several G2MC members titled “Global approaches to genomic medicine implementation” was published in Translational Medicine that focuses on similarities in policy considerations of G2MC and other genomic medicine groups worldwide.

The Policy Working Group is currently looking for a volunteer interested in taking on a leadership role within the group to help move the group’s mission and initiatives forward. They are also looking for Young Investigators interested in being involved with the group’s projects. Members may use the G2MC Get Involved form to indicate interest.


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