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Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative (GGMC) 2023 Secretariat Advance

In May, the Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative (GGMC) Secretariat team came together in Durham, NC, USA, for a day-long retreat to discuss current initiatives and future goals for GGMC and its two consortia the Global Genomic Medicine Consortium (G2MC) and the International HundredK+ Cohorts Consortium (IHCC).  

Who is the Secretariat? 

The Secretariat is the administrative team that manages public relations and outreach, and provides organizational support to and engagement of the leadership committees and groups who are charged with identifying and carrying out key projects and initiatives across GGMC. Over the years, the Secretariat has grown to 17 members to provide adequate support as the organization and its programs continue to expand. 

While GGMC’s leadership teams are made up of members who volunteer their time and efforts to carry out the program’s missions, the Secretariat consists of part-time workers who keep the organization on track by supporting areas including program and project management, budgeting, fundraising, IT, public relations, and communications. Secretariat members work remotely and are based in states across the USA and in Europe. 

“The diverse backgrounds that our Secretariat members bring to the table is profound,” said Geoff Ginsburg, founder and former president of G2MC, and founding co-chair of IHCC. “Each individual brings valuable experience and skills to the organization, and many have primary careers outside of GGMC in diverse, but relevant fields. Their passion for the organization is evident through their dedication and commitment.”  

About the Advance 

In 2022, the formation of GGMC was announced which would act as the parent organization to G2MC and IHCC, with the potential to acquire other similar organizations in the future. The new structure allows for enhanced collaboration and information sharing, significantly enhancing genomic medicine implementation across the globe.

The timing of the Advance allowed the Secretariat to reflect on these organizational changes, identifying what is working and what can be improved, as well as what these changes mean for our members and how we can leverage existing groups within IHCC and G2MC to operate across all programs within GGMC. Discussions and planning also took place regarding the future directions for each area supported by the Secretariat.

“The Advance was productive and highlighted the areas in which we are doing well and more importantly, where we need to make improvements,” said Teji Rakhra-Burris, President & CEO of GGMC. “We are already implementing some of the changes that emerged from the meeting and sharing ideas and feedback with the G2MC and IHCC leadership teams for input and approval. We are continuing to analyze the takeaways from the Advance and will be incorporating initiatives over the next several years.” 

The Secretariat will meet again in September 2023 for a virtual Advance to follow up on items from the May meeting, and plan to meet in person on a yearly basis.


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