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Join the G2MC Resource Center Working Group Inaugural Meeting in January 2024

We are pleased to announce the initiation of a new working group within the Global Genomic Medicine Consortium (G2MC) the Resource Center Working Group. This group will be led by Grant Wood (USA), Michelle Bishop, PhD, (United Kingdom), and Early Career Investigator (ECI) Sotiris Ouzounis (Greece). 

As part of the collaborative efforts within G2MC, the Resource Center Working Group will contribute to shaping the future of Genomic Medicine resources. The primary objective of the group is to design, curate, and expand the G2MC Resource Center, creating a pivotal center of knowledge and innovation. The group aspires to establish an essential hub for identifying, sharing, and advancing Genomic Medicine tools and resources.

The primary objectives of the group, listed below, stand as pillars that will guide the group’s efforts:

  • Designing the Resource Center Infrastructure: Design an intuitive and robust infrastructure for the G2MC Resource Center to ensure accessibility and scalability.
  • Identification, Screening, and Sharing of Genomic Medicine Tools/Resources: Defining the methodologies and criteria to identify, screen, and share valuable Genomic Medicine tools and resources across our collaborative community.
  • Populating the Resource Center: Populating the Resource Center with meticulously curated resources, creating a comprehensive repository for the benefit of all G2MC members.
  • Setting and Evaluating Progress on Objectives: Regular evaluation of progress against set objectives will be a cornerstone of the group’s approach, ensuring the group remains on track toward its collective goals.

The first meeting with be held virtually on January 11, 2024, where the group will begin to lay the groundwork for these objectives, engaging in discussions on strategies, timelines, and methodologies to drive efforts forward. The meetings will convene monthly every second Thursday 15:00-16:00 UTC to facilitate the group’s collaborative efforts.

All members of G2MC are invited to join the meetings to share expertise, insights, and ideas to shape the success of this initiative. Together, we have the potential to redefine Genomic Medicine resources and propel the G2MC community toward impactful advancements.

Please complete the Join Us/Get Involved form to indicate your interest in this working group.


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