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New Free Genomic Medicine Educational Resources for Healthcare Professionals and Trainees

Read below for educational opportunities offered by the Association of Pathology Chairs (APC) Training Residents in Genomics (TRIG) and Undergraduate Training in Genomics (UTRIG) Working Groups.

Updated Genomic Medicine Curriculum Focuses on Virtual Learning 

In 2016, an expert committee (“TRIG”) released genomic medicine online modules with a focus on oncology.  This resource allows for independent, asynchronous learning by translating a live, team-based genomics workshop experience to an interactive virtual environment. These original online genomics modules were shown in a study including 10 residency training programs, to significantly improve genomics knowledge and the ability to utilize online genomics tools.

Newly updated Online Modules were recently released.  With COVID and the need for self-directed remote learning opportunities, these online modules are a valuable resource not only for residents but other healthcare professionals and trainees who would like to learn more about genomic medicine.  

New Genomics Training Curriculum for Medical Students

Another committee (“UTRIG”) made up of education and content experts has recently developed materials that enable the integration of a flexible, field-tested introductory genomics curriculum into medical school coursework.   An Instructor Handbook and Toolkit are available to help medical and other health professional schools locally implement this training, which consists of approximately four to six hours of active team-based learning instruction.

About Resource Development

Both the TRIG and UTRIG Working Groups, formed through the Association of Pathology Chairs, include experts in medical education in collaboration with representatives from major pathology and genomics organizations.  The development of resources was supported by a grant from the National Cancer Institute.

Visit to learn more and register for these and other free materials. 


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