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Research Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

The Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative collaborates with GGMC leadership, staff, and external organizations to ensure quality review, management, and reporting of financial conflicts of interest related to research sponsored by the GGMC.  To learn more, please click the link below. For questions about COI management, please contact

Individuals who work with the G2MC therefore must report their external financial interests are responsible for maintaining a current and accurate disclosure form with the conflict of interest office. Disclosure forms must be updated within 30 calendar days of discovering, acquiring, or establishing any new significant financial interests or changes in any existing significant financial interests that might reasonably be related to their G2MC responsibilities.

Failure to fully and accurately disclose financial interests, to maintain a current accurate disclosure form or to follow federal, sponsor, or institutional requirements related to COI may result in disciplinary action.

Request for Information on Identified Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOIs) in PHS-funded Research

In compliance with the Public Health Service (PHS) regulation on Responsibility of Applicants for Promoting Objectivity in Research for which PHS Funding is Sought (42 C.F.R. Part 50, Subpart F), members of the public may request information about Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOIs) associated with principal investigators and senior/key personnel on Public Health Service-supported projects at the G2MC.

Requests must be in writing. Each request should list either one investigator’s name or one PHS award number. Requests meeting these criteria will receive a response within five business days of receipt of the request at this designated email address: If there is no FCOI associated with the investigator or award listed on the request form, we will provide this information in our reply. Information provided in the response is current as of the date of correspondence.

  1. Name of the requestor  – required
  2. Email address where the response should be sent  – required
  3. Affiliation of the requestor – information optional
  4. Investigator’s first and last name – required
  5. PHS award number – required
  6. Intended use of the information – (information optional)
  7. The request must include the grant number and/or the title of the grant, and the name of each investigator for which the information is being requested.