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Scientists for Fair Publication Practices (SfFPP)

Scientists for Fair Publication Practices (SfFPP) was founded in 2022 by 4 scientists, including Juergen Reichardt, a member of the G2MC Steering Committee, to address issues in the business of scientific publications. Its origins can be traced back to the botched implementation of a not-fit-for purpose new editorial tool heaved upon associate editors etc. (1).

Most importantly, SfPP seeks to properly value the contributions of scientist referees and (associate) editors etc. in scientific publishing. Most of this work is unpaid volunteer, pro bono or service work. Our publication (1) has uncovered a ground swell of support for the issues we raised since SfFPP is currently supported by another 12 scientists from around the world. Therefore, our aims at SfFPP are:

  • SfFPP supports unfettered access to the results of scientific research, especially if publicly funded.
  • SfFPP encourages the respectful treatment of unpaid scientist workers in scientific publishing, including:
    • Appropriate consultation
    • Provision of fit-for-purpose tools and
    • Appropriate credit and recognition of pro bono work
  • SfFPP is eager to work with publishers to develop guidelines and practices for the appropriate inclusion of unpaid scientist workers in the publishing process.

Interested parties should contact Juergen at: who is in touch with the Chief Science Officer of a major scientific publisher on the matters at hand.


  1. JKV Reichardt, GP Patrinos, P San Lai and G Novelli (2022) J’Accuse….. Or The Plight of pro-bono Volunteer Scientists in Academic Publishing, Human Genomics 16, 44

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