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How We Work

GGMC Core Committees

Through our effort to enhance coordination and collaboration of genomic medicine programs, GGMC has established three core committees that function across all of GGMC’s consortia, with an emphasis on implementing the committee objectives in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) and low-resource settings.

Workforce & Training Committee

The Workforce and Training Committee focuses on developing and training the next generation of genomic medicine professionals through the following broad activities:

  1. Assess Genomic Medicine workforce needs, capabilities and competencies.
  2. Design Genomic Medicine educational and training resources to benefit researchers and healthcare professionals.
  3. Foster the development of the next generation of leaders in Genomic Medicine through mentorship.
  4. Coordinate with other G2MC and IHCC working groups to address educational and training needs related to their missions.
  5. Connect with other organizations involved in Genomic Medicine education and training.

Committee Co-Leads

Richard Haspel, MD, PhD

Prof. Nirmala D. Sirisena, MBBS, MSc, PhD

Prof. Albert Tenesa, MSc, PhD

Aleksandra Gentry-Maharaj, PhD

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee helps foster a supportive environment in which colleagues from diverse backgrounds and demographics can excel through the following activities:

  1. Assess the meaning of DEI to our members and how it is being addressed through a survey.
  2. Ongoing review of the following activities (not a comprehensive list) to ensure they incorporate the spirit of the statement.
    • Publications that are generated by GGMC-sponsored activities.
    • Design of research studies sponsored or fostered by the GGMC.
    • Metrics of diversity – organizational leadership, membership, and participation in collaborative research activities.

Committee Co-Leads

Catalina Lopez-Correa, MD, PhD

Claudia Gonzaga-Jauregui, PhD

Policy and Advocacy Committee

The Policy and Advocacy Committee assembles the needs of our members in order to create, share, and advocate for the integration of policies that support the implementation of genomic medicine across the globe. The vision of advocating for our members will be enacted through:

  1. Identifying priority policy areas relevant to our members – individually for their country and those that are global.
  2. Crafting policy statements and perspectives relative to these identified priority areas to influence and integrate into state/federal/country policies through outreach to Ministries of Health, local healthcare leadership, and other organizations of influence, such as Industry.
  3. Crafting statements and other responses that are relevant to current events.
  4. Ensuring the implementation of these priority policy areas within our consortia activities.

Committee Co-Leads

Prof. Vajira H. W. Dissanayake, MBBS, PhD, FNASSL

Prof. Meow-Keong (MK) Thong, M.D.

Nicki Tiffin, PhD, MPH